lone working

managed in a single platform

Designed with people at its core, Archangel® delivers a complete cloud monitoring solution, enabling you to oversee and manage employee, lone worker and home worker safety in one powerful platform.

create a

safe system of work

Archangel® delivers a complete suite of tools and partner devices, enabling you to create your own comprehensive safe system of work.

As a BS8484 certified system, Archangel® enables you to manage your lone worker service in one central location, reducing the need for silo systems.

With Archangel®, you can:

Create detailed employee profiles with personal risk data and bespoke emergency response plans.

Deploy a range of partner lone worker safety apps and devices, or integrate your own.

Have a complete self-managed, end to end lone worker safety service.

manage your

duty of care

With an extensive list of tools and services, Archangel® helps you manage your duty of care for the health and safety of your employees.

With Archangel®, you can:

Manage and respond to lone worker safety alarms, using a dedicated built-in soft phone.

Use live location monitoring tools to support safety, incident management, route planning and resource management.

Have access to detailed reports with call audit trails, helping to demonstrate the effectiveness of your Safe System of Work.

build your system

your way

Archangel® provides flexible integration options using APIs. This ensures that your system can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms by permitting the sharing of data between other processes and systems operating across your organisation.

With Archangel®, you can:

Integrate with other third party systems, including ERP, HR & Payroll, Workforce Management Systems, CCTV system as well as corporate reporting systems such as Tableu and Power BI.

Integrate your own lone worker safety apps and devices.

Combine silo data systems together under one, secure and resilient platform.

not just a platform

we're your lone worker safety partner

Ask for a demonstration today and learn more about how Archangel® can transform lone worker safety in your business.